Travel Accessory Must Haves

I am way too excited about this trip! We legit lost power for 3 days. That windstorm was insanely crazy! Once we got our power back, I immediately started laundry and dishwasher. I don’t think I’ve ever been that ecstatic about laundry or dishes. Little things! Speaking of being able to do laundry, I packedContinue reading “Travel Accessory Must Haves”

Pity Or Compassion?

I realize most of my blog reflects on my past life and struggles. Thing is, I don’t ask for sympathy. But why do people pity me? Or is it compassion? I know most of you show compassion, I really do. But, then the other half is giving me a pity party. What’s going on? CompassionContinue reading “Pity Or Compassion?”

That Deaf Student…

I went to school differently than most students of a disability do today. Back then, the Americans with Disabilities Act was on the forefront. Some doctors would advise that we be sent away to a boarding school for the Deaf or “solitary” you say. Just because no one knew exactly what to do with us.Continue reading “That Deaf Student…”

That Deaf Dental Hygienist…

Ya’ll must be thinking, “how many careers can she possibly have?” Guess what buttheads! Sky’s the limit! And I can’t believe I said ya’ll. I must be a virginian now. Yay? In high school and early 20s, I would catch myself watching ER or grey’s anatomy. My mom and her coworkers are Registered Nurses. IContinue reading “That Deaf Dental Hygienist…”

That Deaf Dancer…

Dancing has saved my life. Period. I had been dancing for nearly 23 years. From that tiny basement to professional level. Yah, professional! That’s when it all finally paid off. Go me! Why, you say? Well duh. Growing up was not always easy. Countless days of bullying and taunting allowed me to be free inContinue reading “That Deaf Dancer…”

Be Awesome

So where do I begin? This was something I’ve thought of for a long time and never really expressed to anyone about it until a few days ago. Fortunately, I’ve received a ton of support to move forward with this. Because I’m awesome. No really. I’m damn awesome. Support systems are what keeps you goingContinue reading “Be Awesome”