Highlights from Cairns, Australia

We got here around 11 pm and couldn’t find a restaurant that’s opened. It was pretty dead in the city. It made me pretty nervous. Is there a zombie apocalypse happening?

We ended up running into a bar manager at an Irish pub nearby with a real fresh huge shiner on his left eye which had me wondering something must’ve happened St. Patrick’s Day….hmm.

We found the only place that was opened AND serving food. Man, their Pho is so good. (The kitchen closes pretty early in Australia FYI.)

Nonetheless, it is such a fun city. Completely different from Sydney.

The next day, we got to dive the Great Barrier Reefs. My dream came true. It’s everything I imagined. Pristine, beautiful, colorful corals with abundance of fish. Although, it poured all day and visibility was pretty low. It didn’t stop us from diving.

Having a scuba diving certification has its perks. We were able to dive the second stop. Just the three of us, including the instructor from the boat. I can’t handle it. It was even better at the Sudbury Cay. Sun came out just for a little bit! The underwater pictures don’t do it justice. You really need to see it in real life.

The Great Barrier Reef is simply amazing. It really is a world of wonders. It’s the largest living thing on Earth inhabiting more than 1500 fish species that live on the Reef. I had no idea it is greater in size than the UK, Holland and Switzerland combined. (I have some videos. Expect to see them on my YouTube soon.)

One thing checked off my bucket list. Happy girl here.

Last night, we stumbled into a bar that bought back memories of college. Too fun!

It’s definitely a spring break slash backpackers location.

We also learned it’s illegal to serve shots or anything over a certain percentage after midnight or it’s a $12,000 fine. Uhhh, what just happened here?

Also, if you’re asked to leave and refuse. It’s an offense. Pay up $2,750!

On our last day, we ended up shopping, grabbing a lunch and took a dip at their Lagoon. It’s really hot here. Do I need to remind you how extreme the UV rays are in this area?

Back in Sydney for the night. Hopefully, that outdoor asian fusion place is open. We’ve been eying it all week!

Tomorrow. Fiji.

Published by That Deaf Girl

I’m Amanda. A witty, sarcastic deaf girl. A character on MTV’s True Life: I’m Deaf Episode and former NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. I aspire to speak on Special Needs platform, particularly for Dentistry. That Deaf Girl is a blog shedding light on deaf awareness or general in everyday life. Enjoy!

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