Highlights from Malolo Island, Fiji

It’s about 30-60 min boat ride from Denarau Port to Malolo Island. It really depends on the type of boat.

We arrived and were introduced with Fijian band playing music, a beautiful Fijian lei and a refreshing sweet tea drink. It was 10 pm at night. We were famished, even though they stopped serving dinner at 9:45, they were extremely nice enough to let us have something to eat before we checked in.

Nonetheless, we were served a 4 course meal. Amazing.

Yep. That’s octopus.

We got a lesson on their language. Bula “hello”, Moltha “goodbye”, Vinaka “thank you”.

It really is paradise here. I’ve been to a lot of places around the world and nothing compares to this magical paradise. The service, the friendliest staff around, the food, everything is top notch.

I felt like I was in a dream the whole time…waiting for someone to pinch me.

I’m so glad we decided to spend the last leg of the trip after a 10 day tour of Australia and New Zealand and unwind for a couple days here at Malolo Island, Likuliku Lagoon Resort. Our room was over the water. With the best views of other Fijian islands possible. It was amazing. I could not wait to go swimming. But, swimming at night wasn’t advised. I waited like a good mermaid should and went in the morning.

The resort is the first ever and only to offer over water bungalows in Fiji.

We spent our first day snorkeling off our bungalow. We had so many fishes, stingrays, sharks, eels, even squid and beautiful corals. It’s quite possibly the best reefs I’ve seen next to the Great Barrier Reefs.

Second day here, we decided to rent a jet ski, tour and snorkel at some of the islands.

We went to the island Modriki where the movie “Cast Away” was filmed. We snorkeled there as well. We jet skied by the island Manu where the TV show “Survivor” is being set up for production. Finally, we went to Honeymoon Island where we jumped off the skis and snorkeled for quite a bit. From what I understand is only guests of the two resorts (Malolo Resort and Likuliku Resort) can snorkel around it.

Modriki is the island to the far left behind us.

The owners of Likuliku (from what I understand) owns Malolo Resort (kid friendly) and Honeymoon Island. Phew!

Honeymoon Island behind us

Honeymoon Island is behind us.

45 rooms here. Adult only. 10 bungalows and the rest are beachfront. One pool. Some of the beachfront rooms have a small pool. (Not sure if all beachfront rooms have one.) One restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all inclusive. Food is amazing here. But so are the drinks! (Drinks are extra.) They worry about food allergies. The menu is different every day. SO GOOD. Fresh. Mostly seafood.

We enjoyed their local beer, Fiji Premiums and Golds. Also, Vonu beer which is Fijian for Sea Turtles.

Everyone here is super friendly and says Bula. Every day.

I even got to meet their mascot, Coco. She’s a yellow lab. Legit loving her life. She gets to play ball on the beach, dig in the sand, swim all day, and gets butt rubs from strangers.

They have an awesome iguana sanctuary.

Breakfast was from 7-10. Lunch 12-2 and dinner begins at 7. We’re served different snacks in the room in between. Different varieties of fruits, one day was sushi and other was some sort of a delicious bread and dip. Holy moly.

Justin got to play rugby with some of the staff members.

We even joined in on a Kava Ceremony. It’s a drink made from the roots of a pepper plant. It makes your lips and tongue go numb and bring you a sense of relaxation. It may not be for everyone. Just saying.

It’s really a magical place. 3 days was not enough. I learned so much about their culture. I was so sad leaving. This was truly an amazing trip. One I will never forget.

If anyone gets an opportunity to do a trip like we did here in Fiji, you won’t regret it. We were living the dream…


Back to reality.

Mind you, we just did Saturday twice.

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