Daily Frustrations

What are some frustrating things you deal with everyday with being hearing impaired?

In the past, I didn’t really pay attention to my daily frustrations. Sure, I had them. But not in ways like I do today.

In the last 10 years, my daily frustrations have increased as I get older and become more aware of the behavior people would have towards me. When I was younger, life was easier. Most of the frustration was little stuff such as bullying, the friends in school, the struggles in classes, etc. Growing Pains at its finest right?

But lately my frustration have stemmed from my workplace where I’m a full time Registered Dental Hygienist. I deal with 10+ different patients with multiple personalities a day.

It’s frustrating once you open your mouth and they give you the stares wondering why you speak like that.

It’s frustrating when your coworkers tell a joke and you miss it.

It’s frustrating when your office is super loud. With equipment going, patients and clinicians talking, and music in the background.

It’s frustrating when you’re working harder. Harder to pay attention to everything.

It’s frustrating the amount of time it takes for your coworkers to understand how you work as a clinician and a team.

But as a deaf/hard of hearing individual, it doesn’t mean you can stop at life because it’s so frustrating. Yes, it’s super stressful to be a dental hygienist but it doesn’t have to be. It comes with time. And that’s what’s so frustrating about it because it simply. takes. time. And more education. And don’t forget more empathy.

Having a sense of humor about it will grow your skin thicker. Maybe not your heart because some things will sting a little. And often it does.

That’s why I often try to tell people to spread kindness, not hate. Smile more and make people wonder why. Stay positive and things will come your way.

Be like a dog. Poop, kick some dirt over it and walk away like you owned it. 🙂 Seriously.

Published by That Deaf Girl

I’m Amanda. A witty, sarcastic deaf girl. A character on MTV’s True Life: I’m Deaf Episode and former NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. I aspire to speak on Special Needs platform, particularly for Dentistry. That Deaf Girl is a blog shedding light on deaf awareness or general in everyday life. Enjoy!

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