Highlights from Lake Placid, New York

This trip was such a fun short weekend celebrating New Years with my family. We decided not to do Christmas gifts this year, only to pick a location, rent an Airbnb and spend quality family time.

It was a great idea. We picked out Lake Placid based on my brother’s recommendation since they went last year.

The town is easy to get to with lots of cool bars and restaurants that overlook frozen Mirror Lake. Whiteface Mountain is only 15 minutes away.

The drive from Virginia is about nine and a half hours. Make sure you pack water and snacks!

We stopped at Miss Lucy’s for lunch. It’s in a cute town off Main Street in Saugerties, NY and the restaurant reminded me of someone’s grandma’s house filled with aprons and carved wooden floors. Small cute place that served big portions. Check it out if you ever need to make a stop half way up.

Plan ahead. Meaning, check the weather and pack accordingly. It was COLD when we arrived. The forecast called for between 1 degree with snow and 30 degree with rain in those 3 days we were there. Our Airbnb was perfect. Heated kitchen and bathroom floors, hot tub out on the deck with full kitchen and a fireplace in living room. It was magical when it snowed. Did I mention we LOVE the cold with snow?

Our first night, we went to watch the ski jumpers compete at the old 1980 Olympic Ski Jumper Complex followed by fireworks that made us shit our pants. We were in line for a shuttle waiting and heard this loud boom thinking about running for cover like an idiot. We finally washed that down with some much needed strong drinks at Lisa G’s. It was legit 10 degrees with snow blasting in our face. Thankful for parkas and hand warmers.

The next day, we got wiped at Whiteface Mountain skiing. Good lawd. That was an icy trip down the mountain trying not to break an ankle. Hence the nickname ‘Iceface’ Mountain.

But nonetheless. Beautiful views.

Our final day, we decided to explore the cute town of Lake Placid. We had breakfast at The Breakfast Club that overlooks Mirror Lake. Pretty rad. Oh yes, try their Millionaire Mimosa. #wink

We decided to try their sled dog ride. I can’t even. It was a pretty decent day out for us but too warm for the dogs! It was only 30 degrees out and they are trained to pull in negatives. I mean poor pups!

We walked through town and stopped to see the hockey rink where the USA hockey team had their ‘Miracle’ and then ended up on their outdoor 400m speed skating ice rink feeling like Nancy Kerrigan.

We finally met up with my family at Top of the Park for some cocktails and snacks before heading out for some NYE BBQ at Smoke Signals.

One day, we will get a picture with all eyes opened.

Before we left for Virginia, we made sure to stock up for breakfast and lunch to go at this awesome deli place called Big Mountain Deli & Creperie. We may or may not have order a banana Nutella crepe.

Crepes or not, this is a fun place to meet up with your family for a good time. Cheers and Happy New Year.

Next year’s trip ideas? Vermont? Utah? Colorado? Let me know!

Published by That Deaf Girl

I’m Amanda. A witty, sarcastic deaf girl. A character on MTV’s True Life: I’m Deaf Episode and former NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. I aspire to speak on Special Needs platform, particularly for Dentistry. That Deaf Girl is a blog shedding light on deaf awareness or general in everyday life. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Highlights from Lake Placid, New York

  1. that is a wonderful idea! I think you should try Washington State – we have Mt. Rainer & Mt. Helens, also a good fishing resort here in silverlake (towards helens) you can fish from your dock of the hotel room if you guys like fishing. (bass mainly) the 19 mile marker restaurant is a MUST try, or even go to clalock (sp?) they have a place forks based off of twighlight they have the tours. Try Seaside Oregon – thats a good place 🙂


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