How do I tell others how I hear?

Has anyone ever been to Wild Acres Brewery in Fort Worth? I love that it’s dog friendly. As soon as I walked in, someone was celebrating their dog’s birthday. All decked out with a birthday cap and bandana. Poor dog.

Too bad none of you are here to enjoy with us.

So….How do I tell people how I hear?

But…I don’t?

Here’s the thing. Every deaf or hard of hearing person is no where close to being same or that much different.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s not the same because we don’t hear on the same level as other deaf individuals because of different hearing losses. We don’t hear on the same level hearing individuals because one IS DEAF and with hearing aids, it is amplified. It helps you hear.

Do you know someone with nearsightedness vs farsightedness see perfectly clear as you with contacts or glasses? You put their glasses on and it’s all the sudden “holy shit why is this more blurry?!”

You don’t have the same prescription.

Just like you don’t have the same hearing loss as others.

All I’m saying is, how we hear is hard to explain. How you treat us, how you communicate, how you interact is how we can hear you just fine.

Hashtag just be kind to others.

Published by That Deaf Girl

I’m Amanda. A witty, sarcastic deaf girl. A character on MTV’s True Life: I’m Deaf Episode and former NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. I aspire to speak on Special Needs platform, particularly for Dentistry. That Deaf Girl is a blog shedding light on deaf awareness or general in everyday life. Enjoy!

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